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Big Sky Ranch


Through the years Big Sky Ranch as raised many varieties of farm animals for meat, milk, and eggs. Animals at the ranch have included: Canadian Speckle Park beef, Red Angus and Black Angus cattle, Toggenburg and Nubian goats, Hampshire pigs, rabbits, and various breeds of chickens, such as Leghorns, Black Orpingtons and Columbian Rock. 

Humane & Happy Farming 

Big Sky Ranch is committed to the values of humane farming practices. Animals receive quality feed and fresh water daily.  All livestock have access to clean shelter and large pens. In the summer animals roam in green fields where they can play, and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. All animals receive tender loving care and are respected and valued. 

Sustainable Practice

At Big Sky Ranch we believe in the sustainable farming.  We aim to maintain an ecological balance and we nurture and protect our natural resources. 

Big Sky Ranch sells free-range meat birds and farm fresh eggs!


(Prices in Canadian Dollars)

Big Sky Ranch

Vital Eggs
Free run hens.  No antibiotics. 
One dozen eggs  |  $6.00

Three dozen eggs | $15.00

Big Sky Ranch

Free-Range Meat Birds

Certified butchered.  No antibiotics.  Naturally grown.  Free run.

Whole chicken  |  $6.50/lb

*Sold out 2023.  Pre-order now for 2024.

Video featuring haying at Big Sky Ranch:

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