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Big Sky Ranch

Sport Horses

Big Sky Ranch breeds sport horses. The breeding program is designed by Christina, whose aim is to produce versatile horses with high rideability, for sport and pleasure.

Mission & Vision

The mission and vision of the Big Sky Ranch breeding program is to produce healthy modern-style performance horses that have quiet and calm temperaments and generous and kind dispositions. As well our horses are bred for intelligence, exemplary confirmation, and athletic ability.

Focus on Dressage

Christina has a passion for dressage and schools in this discipline. Her interest in dressage has sparked her desire to selectively breed horses that have an affinity for this sport.

Top European Bloodlines

Big Sky Ranch mares are bred very selectively to champion European bloodlines.


Big Sky Ranch admires time-honoured lineages, which present strong, outstanding horses with optimal confirmation and  affinities for dressage and show jumping. Big Sky horses are therefore registered with international registries that enact strict selection of breeding stock to ensure that each generation is better than the last.

Raised in a Natural Environment

Big Sky Ranch mares and foals are are raised in beautiful, spacious pastures with protective shelters. They have ample space to roam and play. This allows their bones and muscles to develop naturally, as well, the space and fresh air is good for their mental health. The horses at Big Sky Ranch receive love and the best of care along with high quality nutrition.

Handling & Training

Weanlings and yearlings are handled from the start so that they develop trust and learn good manners.

Purchasing Logistics

Big Sky Ranch will help you to schedule the appropriate veterinary examinations for interested clients. If you are purchasing from the United States, horses will need a health certificate to travel across the border. Contact Christina for advice about arranging a reputable transport service.

Equine Reproduction Training

Christina and Claudio have taken specialised training in equine reproductive science at Olds College in Alberta, Canada. They have the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully run the Big Sky Ranch breeding program.


  • AI Certificate Claudio
  • AI Certificate Christina
Christina with  broodmare Felicitas.

Christina with broodmare Felicitas.

Further Information

Please feel welcome to contact Christina if you have questions about the Big Sky Ranch breeding program, or if you would like to purchase a youngster. Supplementary photographs and videos are available upon request.

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